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Pay it Forward Dreams

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When we introduced our version of Pay it Forward, our dream was to hide in each box we mailed. Like a fly on the wall, we wanted to witness what happens when someone opens this kind of surprise.

But getting a box with a fly in it would be disgusting, and the shipping charges on a box big enough for us to tuck ourselves into would put us straight into the red.

And then, one of our customers, Theresa, ordered her favorite products from our site and chose to Pay it Forward with Buck Naked. Theresa included a personal message to her niece, Sofia, and dreamed of her niece's excitement when the box arrived in the mail.

Amy, Sophia's mom, sent us this: "So my sis 'paid it forward' to my daughter, who has sensitive skin and a very sensitive nose!! Thought you'd love to see her opening the package."




We squeal!

Thank you, Theresa, for sending a Lo-Lo Bar to your niece, Sophia.

Thank you, Amy, for catching your daughter Sophia, opening the box on film and sending it to us.

Thank you, Sophia, for your happy smile and letting us be a witness.

You all have made our dream come true. Which means dreams have come full circle.


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