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When I'm a customer at an event that combines classes with a marketplace, my shopping time literally becomes dashes between classes. Time is short so my dash plan includes the necessary pit stop and (keeping my fingers crossed for short lines) visits to my favorite or new vendor spot.

As a shopper, I know how valuable time is. As a vendor, I'm literally on the other side of the table. 

We are thrilled when we have the product or scent you are looking for, but sometimes the unexpected happens like there is a sudden run on "fill in the blank "or the person in front of you just bought the last one. Being left wanting after waiting just sucks!

It's awesome when a product or scent become wildly popular but believe it or not; we are crushed when we have to serve disappointment because there is no more.

Have your ever had this happen to you?

It won't happen to anyone at our booth because we've created the Easy Peasy Product ReservationIt's so simple; even a two-year-old German Shepard can do it! (OK. Maybe not.)

We'll even text you a reminder during the event!

Give it a try!

See you there!

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