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Got Balls?

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Are dryer balls part of your eco-friendly lifestyle? If not, they should be! Here's why:

  • Absorbs moisture which reduces drying time 25-50%. This saves you time, money and electricity!
  • They will soften and fluff your clothing while reducing static cling, naturally
  • 100% American wool, grown and handcrafted in Wyoming
  • You can add a few drops of essential oil to add scent to your clothes; the essential oils will not stain the dryer balls or your clothes!
  • Hypoallergenic
  • They will last you for life, one less item on your shopping list!
  • Wool is a natural, sustainable and annually renewable product
  • Dryer balls are non-toxic
  • Our dryer balls come in a set of 3 inside a certified organic cotton Eco bag which is perfect for produce
  • Humane and responsible treatment of animals
  • Pills (small balls) may develop on the dryer balls. If they bug you, just snip them off!
  • Over drying clothes will cause static cling, especially in winter. Take the heat down a notch or reduce drying time
  • How often to use the essential oil? It depends on how much scent you want to add to your clothes and how many loads
  • Toss 3 dryer balls into the dryer, if it is a larger load you can add more to reduce drying time even further

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