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Pay It Forward

Pay it forward: "an expression for describing the beneficiary of a good deed repaying it to others instead of to the original benefactor."

Have you ever been someplace like a coffee shop, ordered and when you got ready to pay the cashier they told you it had already been paid for by someone else? What a surprise! That feels so amazing. We want you to be the reason someone in your life feels that way. Do you know someone who deserves a Pay it forward? If so, we're all in.

Our "Pay it forward" spin: 

  • Spend $30.00 (subtotal, BEFORE shipping) and we'll send a person of your choosing a free To-Go Bar.
  • Spend $60.00 (subtotal, BEFORE shipping) and we'll send a person of your choosing free a Body Bar. 

What you need to do: 

  • Choose someone you want to receive a "Pay it forward". 
  • Fill in the form below. 

What we'll do: 

  • Handcraft your request with love, sign the card as you requested, and slip it in the mail.
  • Send you an email which will include the tracking number so you know it's on its way. 

What we'll NOT do:

  • Honor "Pay it forward" requests when the "Pay it forward" is sent to the same address, the person ordering the "Pay it forward", or receiving it is a current customer.
  • Notify you that the "Pay it forward" will not honored because it was sent to your own address or the recipient is a current customer.
  • Honor "Pay it forward" requests when you haven't met our spin (above).