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83 Irons in the Fire and A Blogging Challenge

83 Irons in the Fire and A Blogging Challenge

Today, I received another invitation to join a blog challenge.  These blog challenges are everywhere! 

The blog challenge was easy enough, just "blog once a day for 30 days and see what it does to the traffic on your website". And I seriously considered taking this on, especially after reviewing my blogging track record.

If I were to receive a grade for consistency of blogging, it would be a failing one. The proof is in the postings; my last blog was in March.

And yes, that is the point of the challenge.

With no excuses to be made, I accept full responsibility for my schedule and priorities, my health and happiness. It’s tough being a small business. Heck, it’s tough being any size business. And I don’t mean tough as in hard, but tough as in only having two hands – or in my case, six, and 83 irons in the fire.

And they’re all hot.

Yes, I counted, 83.

I could list all 83 scorching irons, but I'll cut to the chase and share that blogging isn't among the 83 hot ones. In fact, it's laying in a bucket of cold water on the side.

Here are a few hot ones that I will share though we have two brand new product lines coming out at the end of the year, some new fall scents and flavors, an expanded shampoo/soap line, and our current website is going bye-bye and in its place (July 1st) will be a new one.

I'm not going to join the blogging challenge I received today. Instead, I am going to challenge myself to create much richer blog post content, one each month, for the next three months beginning in August.

Because I want a better grade than failing.

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