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The Walking Wounded

The Walking Wounded

My friend, Elizabeth, and I just returned from the ASD Show in Las Vegas. Fueled with testimonies that this show was HUGE, I also had pinky swears that it contained EVERYTHING a person could ever want – and more. With my list in hand; my most comfortable shoes, support hose, protein snack and a bottle of water, I was fully prepared for this seek and find mission.
On day three and after walking 30 miles of a concrete jungle, my search continued for items I was sure were there but which continued to be elusive. As a side note, it was interesting being on “the other side” of the booth. I came away with a deep appreciation of vendors that were not pushy, offered friendly neutral greetings, and the sheer patience and helpfulness of others.
                             Sometimes you gotta try the other side.
A saleswoman who was certain that we wanted to get rid of the wrinkles on our face lured Elizabeth into her booth. Elizabeth immediately sat down for her one eye demonstration as I read the ingredient lists (which were in a foreign language and about 2 inches wide on the label). I watched in amazement as her wrinkles disappeared. By then, another woman stopped to see what was going on and just knew her friend would buy anything skin related. Elizabeth asked that her other eye is done so she wouldn’t be walking around all day resembling a before and after picture.
The woman’s friend (who I shall refer to as, WW) came to the booth and immediately began talking about how ugly she was, how many wrinkles she had, and talked not only about all the different products she had tried, but the amount of money she had spent in keeping her youthful looks. With Elizabeth now looking ten years younger and giving a minute by minute commentary of what was happening to her eye area, WW sat down and wanted the full face treatment along with costs. The [blank, blank ]"caviar" eye product was normally $400.00, but the show special was $199.00.  The face crème show special, normally $2000.00 for a two-month supply was $800.00. (No, I did not add any extra zeros).
As WW sat there, she continued to talk about how ugly she was, how nothing will help, the amount of money she spends, etc. Being who I am, I piped up with perhaps waking up each morning and being grateful, and talking about the beauty of your life, drinking lots of water, and getting fresh air and eating live food might make a big difference. She said that none of that would help. WW was firmly planted in her belief of ugly and as she spoke her Wounded Mask became more powerful, more vocal, more alive and her wrinkles deepened.
We did not buy the [blank, blank] "caviar" eye treatment. After about three hours, the “caviar” had dried to a crust and was flaking around Elizabeth’s eyes. Sadly, her two wrinkles had returned, though her eyes were now red from trying to get the crust off. WW probably purchased all the products and will now have more fuel in her arsenal of what doesn’t work. I only wish she would swallow a seed that would grow so she could see real beauty begins on the inside, grows, and is reflected on the outside. We all wrinkle at some point in our life, but deep beauty shows up on the face. Crusty does not look healthy, neither does negative self-talk and beliefs. And, seeds only grow in healthy environments.
She was not the only Walking Wounded this weekend. By the end of the show, my feet and legs were aching. I was a walking wounded, just from a different tribe.
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