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Moisturizing Bar Soap


You know handcrafted soap the minute you pick it up. Add water and do a rub-a-dub-dub and you'll clearly see the difference by the lather and the way the scent transports you. A smile appears on your face and you've come clean.

And you're not dried out like a prune, but moisturized; a zen moment.

Each soap is unique and never two alike. Each to be enjoyed and appreciated for the bar it is. Your bar will most likely arrive with a message stamped on it.


Packaging:  sustainable glassine bag; compost, recycle or repurpose  
Shelf life:  the older the better  
Storage: cool environment, keep out of direct sunlight, away from drips  
Recommendations: use to clean skin 
Free of: parabens, mineral oil, water, gluten, alcohol
Size: Nt. Wt.: 4.0 oz 


Customer Reviews

Based on 51 reviews
Cay T.
I Love this soap!

My skin is both very dry and very sensitive to everything. This soap does not cause an allergic reaction but also keeps my skin hydrated. I love that the scent is super light. Also, one of my bars told me "You look good naked" and it just absolutely made my day when I saw it.

Cynthia Church
yet to use the Moisturizing bar

I have not used the soap yet thus so review. My last Bar was wonderful. I had some sort of tiny crack in my eyelid which burned from the soap i was used, actually Cetaphil, and the Moisturizing bar healed it!

Manise Hinds
Wonderful products!

Wonderful products and speedy delivery! Highly recommend! Have not used the bar soap yet.

Nancy in Mill Valley
good soap

I like the creaminess of the moisturizing soap but the fragrance is very weak and the soap smells more like soap than the grapefruit, etc.

Shannon Bellum
Great gifts!

I haven't used these, but purchased as gifts. They look and smell amazing.