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Minerals & Gems: Raven


Ravens are smart. They use their intellect to put together cause and effect.  Though Edgar Allan Poe found them a little creepy; the captive ravens at the Tower of London are beloved and perhaps a little feared: legend has it that if they ever leave the tower, the British Empire will crumble.

One of the spiritual significances of a raven is a positive change. When you see a raven, it is time to prepare for a major shift in your life.

Metaphysical: Black Onyx gives you the willpower to decide the right thing for you. It helps you fight for yourself and win against your opponents. It awakens your intuition and helps you achieve desired results and success. 

The stone’s energy will infuse you with the support and guidance of your angels. This will make you calmer in your perceptions and more optimistic. 


 Made of: Onyx body; glass eyes. 


Packaging:  wrapped in tissue, covered with waffle wrap  
Shelf life:  forever  
Storage: on a shelf, desk, bookcase, or ?
Recommendations: never keep a Raven in the bottom of a drawer or hidden away.
Free of: Feathers 
Size: Med (2.5" x 1.4" x 1.2")   
Origin: Peru
Note: This is a natural product, hand-carved and will have small imperfections and blemishes. Limited supply. This flock flew out the door when we had our physical store.


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Lora Welt
Reviews are troublesome

This is the third time I have been asked to review my beautiful yellow eyed raven. My opinion of it has not changed, but please fix the constant requests for a review . Look to the other two reviews.