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Detox Woes: Pitfalls of Switching to a Natural Deodorant

When switching from a conventional deodorant to a natural one, are there some pitfalls which could cause detox woes?

"I had terrible Body odor after one day. Not worth the money."

This person's pits began detoxing and chances are they were unaware this would happen. Here at LoLo Body Care, we're committed to doing a better job educating customers on the benefits and unexpected challenges you may experience when switching from a conventional product to a natural one. 

Long term health issues from toxic and chemical-laden products are reported every day, and benefits from switching to plant-based, and natural ingredients make the detox worth it.

We've never heard anyone describe pit detox as fun though we've heard, "it wasn't that bad."

Detoxing may take a few days, a week, or up to a month or two. Yep. Read that again.

Side effects may include (and usually do) increased pit odor, colored discharge from your underarm glands, and rash. Every pit is unique, and how they choose to detox is not something you have control over.

What you do have control over is how you handle the side effects, and the good news is that once your body has detoxed, body odor typically decreases, and discharge and rash disappears.

The most challenging part is the detox itself (obviously), but once complete, what you have just done for yourself is priceless.

Get through the pitfalls of detox by creating a self-care plan:

  • Prepare yourself mentally. Write down all the benefits that are important to you.
  • Pick a date to switch - like a long weekend.
  • Have Pitty Perfect on hand. Don't make the switch while waiting for it to arrive.
  • Wash your pits a few extra times a day. If away from home, step into the restroom, grab a paper towel, get it wet, add a dab of soap, and wipe your pits. You can also purchase individual wipes scented with lavender, etc. that are very effective. 
  • Drink more water - like twice as much to help your body detox. 
  • Don't shave your pit area a few days before and after you switch. Your pits could get really irritated and not only cause a stink, but a full-blown rash could occur.
  • Use clay or activated charcoal mask on your pits to help draw out toxins.
 "I have a busy job and barely have time for lunch, so don't have time to wash my underarms multiple times a day. I will have to continue what I'm using."

      We get it, and it's totally understandable. When the time is right for you, please do consider switching. Your body, friends, and family will thank you in the long run.

      TIP: Buy the travel size to make sure it works for you. If it doesn't, you're entitled to a refund.