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The Ultimate Guide to LoLo's Scent Personalities

Some women have a signature scent. Sometimes it's lifelong, and sometimes, it changes.

In high school, when everyone was wearing. Charlie, my signature scent was a personal blend of Love's Baby Lemon and Musk. In my twenty's, Carolina Herrera (in the distinctive white box with black polka-dots) was the only scent I wore. But when my modern-day nomad lifestyle led me down small foreign alleyways filled with sandalwood and green tea, deep into the heavily scented primordial Amazon, and drives through central California in early spring filled with the intoxicating scent of almond blossoms, it changed.

Now I switch my scent up depending on the mood I want to evoke, the company I'll be around, or the memory I want to create or relive. 
And it's for this reason, the desire to evoke a memory or to create a new one, that Lo-Lo Body Care offers over 45 scents.

Yes, sometimes, too much choice can be overwhelming and lead to indecision, and deciding which of our fabulous scents you'll order is definitely the hardest part of buying one of our eco-luscious LoLo Body Care products. But whoever said you could only have one? Why not have multiple LoLo scents?

After all, you set the stage. As you get dressed, LoLo scents might silently tease you, "Choose me. Choose me," but you're the one in control. As you consider your choices, all you have to do is answer the one question that begs to be answered, "which scent personality will best serve me today."

To help which scent will serve you, we've created this ultimate guide to our scent personalities, with suggestions on what stage you might set, what you might want to evoke, and possibilities of where to wear each one.

Personality: Innovator
Type: Fresh 
Intrinsic Motivation, Moderate Procrastination, Produce; Prolifically, Sacrifice, Compensation, They Conjure the Imagination, Highly Observant, Highly Associative, Insatiably Curious, Need for Original Expression.

Infused with the tangy essence of citrus fruits, our fresh Innovator scents may also include sweet fruity, and refreshing water scents. These are scents that energize you. They are lively and alive, and you wear them with confidence, knowing you won't stink up the room. Wear them when you need to get up and go; when innovation is on the menu for the day. Fresh scents are thoroughly enjoyed as a daytime delight, but by all means, wear them if you're studying late into the night as they might just help keep you awake. Apply an Innovator scent just before your plane is due to land. Or when meeting friends at a casual knitalong, summer festival, or outdoor concert.

Innovator scents sport blue scent labels and include Bamboo Element, Bergamot,  Blackberry Sage, Clark Fable, Coco Mango, Honey-Do Almond, Flynn, Lemon, Lemongrass, Orange Vanilla, Pearl Knits, Pink Grapefruit, Red Clover, Tea Party, Vanilla Moon, and Vixen. 


Personality: Traditionalist
Type: Floral
Loyal, Respects Authority, Devoted to Family, Good Team Players, Hard Workers, Value Stability, Safety, Security, Consistency and Commitment, Honors Promises

Sweet, romantic, and totally female. Florals can be a single note but are generally a combination of various flowers. Florals can be soft as well as sparkling. Use a floral when it's time to show off your sweet-and-feminine side (though you may fool others, we know you play by your own rules). Florals make a statement that crosses time and traditions. Wear them on a first date, a birthday party, on casual Fridays, when crocheting a special gift, or when visiting Grandma. Relive memories of homegrown flowers or family gatherings or create memories tomorrow by trailblazing today.

Pick one of our Traditional floral scents accessorized with pink scent labels:  Blue Gardenia, Honeysuckle, Just Lilac, Lavender Lil, Stella 1906, Sweet Plumeria, and Wild Rose. 

Personality: Adventurer
Type: Earthy
Traits: Charming, Sensitive to Others, Imaginative, Passionate, Curious, Artistic, Outgoing, Not Afraid to Try New Things

Earthy scents include scents typically classified as woody, mossy, and heady. These scents begin with a base of moss, bark, and fog, conjuring winding forest paths, leather, and tobacco. While more unisex than other fragrance categories, these scents are not necessarily masculine. They do, however, evoke a particular brand of no-nonsense femininity and adventure. Think of the characters, Claire Randall and Jamie Fraser in Diana Gabaldon's Highlander series, Clarie and Jamie would both wear the same scent. These durable and classic scents are perfect for the modern office, too. Wear one to your next corporate meeting or fiber retreat and see what happens.

Earthy scents can also include sugar and spice and everything nice. You can be transported to your mom's kitchen — if your mom was the type who baked gingerbread and cinnamon rolls from scratch. With notes of pungent clove, fresh ginger, Saigon cinnamon, cardamom, and pepper, spicy scents are comforting and alluring in an old-fashioned way. Wear one to your next parent-teacher meeting, Little League game, or lunch with that good-looking office mate who you wouldn't mind sharing a pastry with.

If this is you, you'll dig exploring the green scent labels which say: Beach Bum, Chestnut & Cedar, Highlander, Mr. Darcy, Pain Jane, Sandy Would, Winter's Bliss


Personality: Disruptor
Type: Exotic
Independent, Challenges the Status Quo, Creative, Thrives Despite Uncertainty, Risk-Tolerant Mindset, Encourages Innovation

Think of oriental scents as the fragrance equivalent of cleavage and a killer pair of stilettos or a kilt on the bottom, a beard on top, and a tattoo somewhere in the middle. Clearly, not distinctly feminine and mild or masculine and strong, yet exotic. These sensual blends feature an animalistic, earthy base such as ambergris or musk, often combined with warm notes such as amber. When combined with florals, the effect is a bold yet mysterious scent that makes a big entrance, tosses back a few martinis, and leaves with phone numbers. Wear one when you want to disrupt the status quo. When you want to seduce, yet leave them wondering whether it's a third date or just a rare night out without the kids. Some very well-known fiber influencers wear disruptor scents.

Disruptor scents rock purple labels and include Edward, Ginger Amber, Hookah Girl, Nag Champa, Patchouli, Pacha Mama, Stevie.