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Is It Time To Kick The Can?

Is It Time To Kick The Can?

"I'm obsessed with LoLo Bars. There's one in my purse, gym bag, next to the kitchen sink, knitting bag, two in the bathroom, and another next to my bed. There are so many that my husband swears they're multiplying like rabbits.

Here's my dilemma, I have run out of ways to use empty cans. It's time to kick the can(s), but I feel guilty when I even think about it.

Help!"   *****-Amber J. 

Is it Time to Kick the Can? 


No! Don't kick the can! And no need for guilt feelings. 

Just order a Refill Body or Refill To-Go Bar.

Bonus - our carbon footprint is lowered because you don't need to send those cans back. 

The only thing to decide is if your refill bars will be in the same scents you've always bought, or a new scents you've always wanted to rock? 

Sounds like you're doing a great job at repurposing your cans, Amber. It might be fun to learn that other customers have shared about their extra cans: buttons, earrings, spices, fishing hooks and worms, screws, bolts, stamp collection, dried flowers, tooth fairy booty, garden seeds, cotton ball fire starters, beads, stitch markers, (just a few).

People are also decorating their cans with sharpies, paper, glue, fabric, glitter (unlimited options), regifting them, tucking notes inside, using them for travel snacks, and storage for first aid items a backpacking trip.

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