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Nonce Scents

Nonce Scents

Nonce Scents is a term coined by fragrance expert Sarah McCartney. She used it to refer to fragrances made with a specific purpose or experience in mind rather than being created to smell nice. In other words, Nonce Scents are perfumes meant to transport you to a particular time, place, or emotion.

In the realm of LoLo, "Nonce Scents" refers to scents created and released only once a year, making them highly exclusive and sought after by LoLo fans. These limited-edition fragrances are often crafted with rare and seasonal ingredients, capturing the essence of a particular moment in time. 

Here is our list - or map of sorts, for a sensory journey into the world of once-a-year scents, where tradition, craftsmanship, and innovation converge to produce unique olfactory marvels. 

QTR 1 (Jan/Feb/Mar): Lemon .  Pacha Mama .  Nag Champa
QTR 2 (Apr/May/June): Flynn . Blue Gardenia
QTR 3 (July/Aug/Sept): Vixen .  Clark Fable .  Patchouli
QTR 4 (Oct/Nov/Dec): Chestnut & Cedar .  Oh, Gingersnap! . Blue Spruce
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Eileen - June 28, 2024

Is there any way to get reminders of when favorite scents come out? Duh…the newsletters, right? And I’m adding some of these to my calendar anyway!

Tina - June 26, 2024

Blue gardenia is the best! I absolutely adore this scent! I just restocked in May.

JoanofARC - June 26, 2024

Just got newsletter, need clarification:

No June scent?

And why two November’s..assuming one is October..but which one?

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