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🎉🐑 Oh, Flock Yes! We’re Baack! 🐑🎉

🎉🐑 Oh, Flock Yes! We’re Baack! 🐑🎉

We've got some woolly good news to share! 🌟 The stars have aligned, the sheep have consulted, and the universe has whispered its sweet nothing into our ears... We are thrillingly announcing our first post-COVID hootenanny at the one and only Lambstown Festival in Dixon, CA, on October 5-6, 2024. Circle those dates with your fanciest marker because this is not a drill!

Why Lambstown, you ask? 🤔 Well, between you and me, we heard it’s where the coolest flock hangs out. Plus, it’s the perfect spot for us to reunite and let our wool down, so to speak. We’re talking about two whole days where we can be as baa-d as we wanna be. Strategically speaking, it's ideal for Bay area knitters as well as souther Oregon crafters. 😉

Here's the lowdown: Whether you're a knitter, a foodie, or just someone who loves a good ol' time surrounded by the cheekiest bunch this side of Dixon, we've got you covered. Think live music that makes your heart sing, drool-worthy eats that’ll have you coming back for seconds (or thirds, but who's counting?), and, of course, all the lamb-tastic vibes you can soak up. 🎵🍲❤️

But wait, there’s more! We’re not just celebrating our comeback. Oh no. We’re celebrating YOU. For keeping the faith, for sticking with us through thick and thin (and pandemic), and for being the heart and soul of our quirky little family. You guys are the real MVPs, and this festival is our love letter to you.

So, what do you say? Ready to kick up some dust and make unforgettable memories with the wildest, wooliest bunch of party animals this side of the Mississippi? Because we're ready to welcome you back with open arms (and maybe a surprise or two up our sleeves—because we’re sassy like that).

💌  More details will be available in September! RSVPs will begin then as well. We are currently working on developing a seamless reservation process for our products, ensuring everything is set for the big countdown. After all, the event wouldn't be complete without your presence! Stay tuned for more updates coming this September

Info about Lambstown Festival:

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