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The Bittersweet of Being in Business

The Bittersweet of Being in Business

What do small business owners do after they close their business? 

As you can imagine, the answer varies depending on the situation and the individual.

Some take well-deserved time off for self-reflection and relaxation; others jump into a new venture or pursue a different career path. Many former business owners find comfort in connecting with other entrepreneurs who have gone through similar experiences and offer support and advice, hence, consultants.

And let's remember the endless possibilities of stepping back and reevaluating goals and passions. That time off may lead to a new project or adventure even better than the last!

One thing is for sure - closing a business doesn't mean it's the end. Instead, it's a new chapter in the entrepreneurship journey and all the experiences that come with it.

While LoLo is not ready to hang up her hat she has the following sentiment for those who have or are contemplating doing so:

My dear friends, let's keep our heads up and stay connected with our community of business-minded pals. We'll weather any storm with warm, heartfelt, and authentic cheer. 

Ultimately, being in business is like a bittersweet symphony—a melody of hard work and heartfelt connections, of setbacks and soaring victories. And though the road may be challenging, we're in it together, ready to face whatever comes our way with a smile, a tear, and a whole lot of sass!

Stay strong, stay proud, and keep that entrepreneurial spirit alive, my friends. The best is yet to come.

Yours in business and in sass,

Chief Dreamer at LoLo Body Care

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Lisa Tice - March 6, 2024

Thank you for producing such a wonderful product and for hanging in there. You will always have my love and appreciation for what you produce. I love LoLo Bars!

Jan Cooper - March 6, 2024

LoLo, your message hit me directly. All week I’ve been grieving the fact that one of the most creative entrepreneurs in my town is closing her exceptionally wonderful shop where other artists sell and exhibit their work, alongside a “kitty corral” in the back where the local cat rescue keeps kittens for anyone to play with and adopt. I was holding my breath when I started reading your message for fear you might be closing. I’m very relieved that doesn’t seem to be the case! Sending love from northern Ohio! —Jan

Judy Luce - March 6, 2024

I understand both sides of the pricing issue, as I am a 73 year old great granny on a very tight budget. However, as your organic products are the best quality ever and feels so wonderful on my dry old skin, I bite that bullet and will continue to do so. It is my gift to me… and now I can reach my feet with the stick! Can’t knit without it. For Christmas this year, I gave a tin of this lovely product to family and friends, charged it, and spread the payments out. It is so worth the cost and everyone loved the gift! Hope my gift brings you new customers…

Kimi husse - March 6, 2024

Keep on keeping on! Let your loyal customers know anything you need or
want 😀 and I am one of them! You can get an army behind you 😎

Stacey Wypyski - March 6, 2024

What a heartfelt message and one that resonates with so many. Having had my own business I know that all of what you say is true. I pray you continue to find the rays of light that keep you in business and that keep your heart singing most days.
You have an amazing business and one that I am happy I found years ago and will always continue to support.
A true fan,

Carylee Johnson - March 6, 2024

Wow… that was so heartfelt and beautifully written. I totally felt the pain and discouragement of what you are going through. I just wanted to let you know that I love what you do, and I would be very sad to see your beautiful company close. I completely understand all the challenges you’re facing and hope you will find a way that works for you and your family.. Ultimately, you have to do what is best for you. Just know that you’ve touched a lot of lives and you are beloved. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing you since the early days of Vogue Knitting live in New York. I wish you all the best in your journey and hope we remain friends for many more years. Much love to you!

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