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Couple sitting on a hay bale at a festival with children playing in background

Events, Pop-Ups, & Unicorns

You know us - we're all about getting up close and personal with our lovely LoLo community. We thrive on our cozy chats, those winks exchanged over the scent of a new LoLo Bar, and that electric spark that flies when we share our latest, earth-friendly creations directly from our hands to yours. Ah, it’s like the cozy embrace of an old friend, isn't it?

But, lean in closer, because we've got a little confession to make – and it's as bittersweet as that last bite of your favorite, indulgent treat. 🍫 We've been doing some soul-searching since COVID, accompanied by a healthy sprinkle of dream weaving, and we've come to a rather cheeky conclusion: LoLo Body vending at events has become as rare as a unicorn spotting! 🦄✨

Now, now, before you pull out the tissue box, let's chat about why. You see, in a twist no one saw coming – not even our Magic 8 Ball – we've realized our hearts (and hands!) glow brightest when we're stirring up magic in our very own LoLo land. It's our special sauce, our secret ingredient, where all the LoLo enchantment happens.

Picture this: while events have their charm, they also have a touch of chaos, like trying to sip a latte in a whirlwind. 🌪️☕ There's the setting up at the crack of dawn (our beauty sleep is non-negotiable, thank you!), the wrestling with tents that have a mind of their own, and oh, the joy of weather that can't decide if it's in the mood for sun, rain, or a surprise guest appearance by a gust of wind!

But here’s the juicy part – stepping away from the event madness has allowed us to pour even more love (yes, it’s possible!) into creating those buttery-soft, sniff-the-can-twice goodies you adore. It's about quality over quantity, dedicating time to dreaming up new concoctions, and, most importantly, connecting with you, our fabulous family, in ways that leave us all feeling like we’ve just had a big ol’ group hug. 🥰💫

Fear not, for this isn’t a goodbye to fun and games! Picture us, skipping hand in hand, diving deep into the digital wonderland, sprinkling LoLo love far and wide. We're talking exclusive online hangs, surprise snail mail (who doesn’t love a love letter?), and, because we can’t help ourselves, perhaps an event or two, or three a year when the stars align.

So, here we are, standing at the crossroads of innovation and intuition, blowing kisses to our pre-COVID traditional event scene, and embarking on a journey sprinkled with the unexpected. It’s going to be wild, it’s going to be whimsical, and most importantly, it’s going to be us, through and through.

Let’s embrace this quirky path together, with all its twists, turns, and tales of fewer tents but more enchantment. Are you with us?💜

With all the love and a dash of sass,

Your LoLo Body Family

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