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LoLo's Big Move

LoLo's Big Move

Typically we write about going to an event. But, instead, we have some major news. We are moving!

Where are you moving

We are moving to Arizona. A little town named Green Valley, just south of Tucson.

Why are you moving?

During non-Covid years, we travel across the country exhibiting at various events. Arizona is a more central location to most of our regular events and makes logistical sense.

Besides being closer to events, are there any other benefits?

Yes! Shipping will cost less for a more significant portion of our customer base.

Will orders still arrive as promised?

Absolutely – once we are fully operational. We are shutting down for the first time! So while you can place an online order, we cannot commit to shipping within three days, from April 21 - May 5. It doesn't mean we won't ship; it just means we can't promise to ship within three days. 

Will customer service change?

Our old-fashioned customer service is a core value. It remains stellar!

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Karen Plotke - October 23, 2021

Can you please hold my order till you get highlander sent soap my favorite. Please add 2 bars of highland soap to my order and deodorant cucumber melon and lemon grass soap.

Mika L Adams - October 23, 2021

Hope your move goes well. Would love to hear how things are going. You know how much I love your products.

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