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White containers showing full and travel sizes of O'for Feet Sake

O'for Feet Sake. It's Summer!

We make constant demands on our lowest body parts and often give our feet absolute minimum care and maintenance. Yet, they take us everywhere we want to go.

Leonardo da Vinci, an artist and a first-class engineer, called them the finest piece of engineering. They are squeezed into shoes of odd shapes or left naked to take the brunt of harsh weather and terrain.

My feet have taken me around the world. Think about it. Where have your feet taken you? Whether it's pedal to the metal, off to another country, or enjoying sand and sea, feet should come first.

A friend of mine, who uses a wheelchair, takes exceptional care of her feet. She'll tell you it's because she looks at them quite a lot during the day and "they're just as important to me as yours's are to you." 

Each day, swipe and go. It's really that easy. Doesn't matter if it's morning, noon, or night. 

It's summer; feel confident that your feet look healthy and hydrated. Wear them proud, and may they take you everyplace you want to go.

O'For Feet Sake is available in two sizes (full and travel) and two refreshing scents.

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