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Mesh bag wil Avocados, Lemons, Lime spilling out.

Moving Right Along and Right into 2021

What can we possibly say about 2020 that hasn't been said?

The more division among people, the more they came together. The more we retreated into our homes, the more we reached out for connection. The more we cried from frustration, the more stranger's smile reduced us to puddles.  It was like peeling layers of rotten onion and finding silver linings. It was - well, bipolar.

Knitters began using up their stash. Quilters began working on that gifts promised a few years ago. Potters made some pretty unique pieces, and according to statistics, we baked a lot of bread, enjoyed indoor date nights, and zoomed until the crows came home. As we waited for the vaccine, our medicine was creative endeavors. 

LoLo made substantial progress towards sustainability in 2019 when we

  • Reduced packaging waste by offering product bundles
  • Switched to water-proof eco-material labels made of crushed rock
  • Packaged soaps in 100% biodegradable glassine bags

In 2020 we:

Looking at 2021:

  • We seriously continue to consider innovative alternatives to plastic for O'for Feet Sake, Twists, and Deodorants. We just haven't found a reasonable, non-leaking alternative yet
  • We are actively working on offering refills for Face Pudding. Hint! It involves an even more sustainable container (they are soooo beautiful, BPA free, airtight, dishwasher safe, and blocks out visible light.
  • New scents are in the works - that are AMAZING!!  
  • LoLo Memberships. We are in the early stages and stay tuned!  







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