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My Four Most Treasured Handmade Gifts

My Four Most Treasured Handmade Gifts

My four most treasured handmade gifts:

1. Knitted anything and everything from BFF's. Especially, hats, socks, socks, and more socks.

2. A collection of stories written by my grandmother in College in the 20's (complete with notations by the instructor). She loved creative writing and really wanted to be an author. Unfortunately, she was not supported by her husband or son and dropped out to stay home. She did however, become one of the original house flippers. I'll bet she used her creative writing skills to sell houses, restaurants, and hotels. 

3.  A string of Pearls my other grandmother wore (not the strand the Goose wears). My uncle brought them to her from Japan when he was stationed there in the 50's.

4. A small packet of  Marigold seeds. A few years ago, a friend and I traveled to India, a land where Marigolds grow prolificity and smell heavenly. Seeds found their way back and were planted on her organic farm. I was gifted with fourth-generation seeds and memories in each bloom.

5. OK. I said four, but in all fairness there have been five. For my birthday a few years ago my brother drew a cartoon of me during different stages of my life. My brother, wildly creative, is not known for his drawing abilities (which made it all the more dearing). It was a HOOT and I deeply treasure it.

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Eileen - October 24, 2021

This story had me roaring! My husband and I were just at an antique depot where they have tons of vendors and we walked into a booth that said “85% off everything”. We challenged each other to find one hilarious item in that store for each other. Everything was terrible.

Wicked DNA-
Think I have some too ;)

Ps- David Sedaris is one of my favorite authors. His new book just came out.

Carolyn Hickman - October 23, 2021

I’m glad I read your all your thoughts on homemade gifts. I love your comments about family love and laughter that comes from those you selected. I have made and given or purchased homemade gifts. I am a quilter and even a small gift can take time and is made with a specific person in mind. HOORAY for handmade treasures.

Elie - October 23, 2021

Handmade gifts, made or purchased are in my humble opinion, the best. I have gifted your lotion bars, my own hand knits, home made bread, aprons, I don’t even remember all the things I have made and given anymore. But the people who have received them still tell me how much they loved them. So keep creating and sharing your heart everyone, it will be good seed in anothers heart💕

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