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The Bittersweet of Being in Business

The Bittersweet of Being in Business

What do small business owners do after they close their business? 

As you can imagine, the answer varies depending on the situation and the individual.

Some take well-deserved time off for self-reflection and relaxation; others jump into a new venture or pursue a different career path. Many former business owners find comfort in connecting with other entrepreneurs who have gone through similar experiences and offer support and advice, hence, consultants.

And let's remember the endless possibilities of stepping back and reevaluating goals and passions. That time off may lead to a new project or adventure even better than the last!

One thing is for sure - closing a business doesn't mean it's the end. Instead, it's a new chapter in the entrepreneurship journey and all the experiences that come with it.

While LoLo is not ready to hang up her hat she has the following sentiment for those who have or are contemplating doing so:

My dear friends, let's keep our heads up and stay connected with our community of business-minded pals. We'll weather any storm with warm, heartfelt, and authentic cheer. 

Ultimately, being in business is like a bittersweet symphony—a melody of hard work and heartfelt connections, of setbacks and soaring victories. And though the road may be challenging, we're in it together, ready to face whatever comes our way with a smile, a tear, and a whole lot of sass!

Stay strong, stay proud, and keep that entrepreneurial spirit alive, my friends. The best is yet to come.

Yours in business and in sass,

Chief Dreamer at LoLo Body Care

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catbookmom - March 21, 2024

Found your hand balms at SockSummit2009; have been a customer since then. FWIW, in the 70s I was once was a sole-practitioner CPA and learned how lonely, without-support, that is. Dunno how to help, but wish I could. My one comment would be that you find a less-plastic-load way to provide Cuticle Intensive; I go through this in 2wks/tube, and it seems wasteful of all that plastic.

Karen - March 7, 2024

Your products are so much better than anything else out there! I sincerely hope you are able to keep offering them, they are well worth the increased price.

Mary Jo Hirsch - March 6, 2024

Please hang in there! You have excellent products and I for one of many want to keep ordering.

Jill Milani - March 6, 2024

This is one of your best newsletters yet, IMO. Timely, heartfelt, and matter of fact, but in such a caring way. I shared with a couple other entrepreneurs. I know they will appreciate it 🤗
Also reminded me I need to place an order. Yay!!

Nancy Harkins - March 6, 2024

Dear Kismet,

I have only ordered hand care an Face Pudding and not much as I use very little make since I retired. I can say those products are wonderful and prices fair. The motivational messages are uplifting as well. I believe will find a creative solution for Lo Lo that will let you realize your dreams. Thinking of you and wishing you the best.


Mary Beth - March 6, 2024

Corporate America sucks and does everything it can to squeeze out the small businesses. Consumers feel it, too. Costs go up but our wages don’t meet the Corporate created inflation and our spending goes down. It’s deflating on the consumer’s end as well. Vote, speak out, and keep the faith in humanity. Not all are evil aristocrats. Peace, love, faith, and hope. Let us stand together. ❤❤❤ I can’t afford much but I’ll order some of your awesome product. 🥰

Chris Marks - March 6, 2024

I love your message.❤️
Yes, so many small business’ have had to close. These past few years have been hard. Your encouraging and heart felt words will resonate with so many others.
I’m so glad you haven’t had to come to that conclusion. I have bought your product for years and I would be so sad if it came to an end.
My prayers are with you and so many others.
I pray God keeps blessing you,

Lisa - March 6, 2024

The smell of lavender in your tins will forever carry me right back to my first Rhinebeck, about 16 years ago. Whatever is around the next corner for you, may it carry an abundance of blessings and excitement for you and your loved ones!!
Many Blessings,

Sandy Anderson - March 6, 2024

Just started my own freelancing digital services business. Looking forward to a time when I get MY sass. Thanks for being here for all these years.

D - March 6, 2024

Moving reflection of my own journey, albeit in a different arena. I particularly appreciate the hopeful, community-minded conclusion of your musing.

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