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The Three R's

The Three R's


Reduce is the best in the sustainable world. Simply put, it means if you don't need it, don't buy it until you really need it. Ask yourself, "is it enough, or is it more?" Spend your dollars on enough, and then enjoy more… freedom, family/friends, or the wild outdoors. Just so you know, we'd prefer that you don't purchase our products until you actually need them; they can be lovingly used, not tossed in the bottom of the bathroom drawer.



Reuse is the next best thing in the sustainable world, as reusing is easy, convenient, and has the lowest carbon footprint. Reusing is generally better than recycling because it usually takes less energy than taking things apart and re-manufacturing them into products and packages. Currently, all our packaging is reusable, though a stretch for some. Reusing also means repurposing. We have great ideas on how to reuse or repurpose our containers, just ask us.

Spoiler alert! Starting January, 2020, we'll offer bar refills. Keep those tins!



Recycling is next in line with sustainability. Recycling is better than trash tossing. Still, when you compare it to reducing and reusing, it requires the most steps because that waste has to be reformed into something new. We are exploring innovative recycling platforms like Terracycle/Loop. Stay tuned, we'll keep you in the loop.

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