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  • An Innovator's Memory of Vanilla
    August 2, 2020 Kismet Andrews

    An Innovator's Memory of Vanilla

    When Susan wrote that Vanilla Moon reminded her of her childhood on a cacao plantation in pre-Fidel Castro, Cuba, I was intrigued. What would that have been like?   Susan shared that she and her brother would spend days picking vanilla beans and...

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  • Scents of Summer
    June 25, 2016 Kismet Andrews

    Scents of Summer

    Scents coveted in summer take a 360 from those sought after in fall. For some, summer scents are fresh picked fruit, for others, it's sultry yet light scent combinations that evoke memories. Bar-Maids scents in high demand this summer are: Juicy Pear (light and...

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